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Bio Band to Relieve Morning Sickness 

Designed and patented by an American Board Certified obstetrician and gynecologist, drug-free BioBands are easy to use. Simply place the adjustable band correctly on either wrist. A built in bead provides customized pressure at the P6 acupressure point on the underside of the wrist. This gentle pressure interrupts the signals that trigger nausea.          

Unlike restrictive elastic type bands that usually fit too loose or tight, BioBandís adjustable construction fits all wrist sizes properly and comfortably for better effectiveness. Itís hook and loop closure and solid construction hold up Ė even in salt water! An added plus is that with BioBands' precise adjustability,  you need to only wear ONE band for optimum results. All other travel bands require wearing two bands per use. BioBands are the preferred choice for mothers to relieve nausea due to morning sickness.  It works naturally!        

Bio Bands - Adjustable acupressure bracelets (Gray)



.   The products we sell are for mild to moderate cases of morning sickness. 

.   You should consult with your doctor before using any product related to your pregnancy.




Morning Sickness: "I remember vividly the moment I tried BioBands.  It was during my eighth week of pregnancy and I was visiting my doctor.  At the time, I was extremely nauseous and he gave me the BioBand to try.  Within 15 minutes I experienced relief.  Nothing had ever worked that quickly and enduringly for me until then.  BioBands worked so well for me during my pregnancy, now that I've had my baby, I put it on whenever I fell nauseous." - Susan G. ~ San Diego, CA

General Nausea: "Recently I had about of gastroenteritis (nausea, upset stomach, cramps, diarrhea).  BioBands worked so well to relieve carsickness for my twins, I thought it might help my symptoms.  It worked and was the only thing that kept me going!"  - Sharon N. Sr. Clinical Dietitian ~ Boston, MA

Why BioBands: "I first saw this type of band used on a trip to France - and I immediately ordered the two bands required.  I used them although they were too tight and uncomfortable.  I saw your ad in some catalog.  I ordered one because I thought it would be so much more convenient in every way to use one rather than two.  One always interfered with my watchband,  and when I got a BioBand and realized it was adjustable - that was great!  I find that one band is absolutely as effective as two - and therefore so much more satisfactory.  I recently lent mine to a friend who was very dubious about going on an ocean trip because he gets nauseated with motion.  When he returned - having used the BioBand, he said they hit a storm in the Caribbean with waves washing up over their windows - and he said he felt fine!  He couldn't believe it!" - Polly B. ~ Logan, KS

Motion Sickness: "Thank goodness we returned from our trip to the Orient and Indonesia - "Motion sickness" free.  During the cruise portion, we had two rough days on the cruise ship.  Half the guests were seasick and did not show up for meals.  Both my husband and I wore our BioBands and were fine.  At each we toured by bus, so again I needed my BioBand.  Manu thanks for this wonderful product.  I will always be a devoted user." - Janet S. ~ Cleveland, OH

Chemotherapy: "The BioBand has been a lifesaver.  I tried the over-the-counter oral remedies or the patch but always experienced the side effects of drowsiness and dry mouth.  With the BioBand, no side effects at all.  By the way, I donated my BioBand to a woman with breast cancer diagnosed soon after she lost her job as a pharmacist and right after her health insurance expired.  The chemotherapy was making her nauseated.  Guess what: she is now symptom free!"  - Dr. Maryann P. M.D. ~ Pittsburgh, PA

Amusement Rides: "My youngest son always got airsick when we traveled by plane.  Since we have discovered BioBands, he has not felt nauseous once.  It worked so well we tried it on a recent trip to Disney World and Epcot Center.  In the past, he always got nauseous during some attractions.  Success again!  We've also used it when we've had the flu.  It worked wonders.  Thank you for helping to solve a mother's nightmare!" - Gayle D. ~ Miami, FL

Drug/Side Effects: "For many years, I have been forced periodically to take a drug called Calcitonin, to help relieve the pain of a bone condition called Pagets.  However, I do this with great reluctance, since every time I have to take this drug, I get terribly nauseous.  I heard of your bands and tried it.  I want you to know it worked like a miracle.  Now every time I have to take the drug, I put on the BioBand and I don't get nauseous at all." - Roz L. ~ New York, NY